School Calendar

School Calendar

8th January 2024

Beginning of Term


19th January 2024

Character day By Ms. Irene. P. A


22nd January, 2024 – 25th January, 2024

Election week  By Ms. Caroline. N

– Application

– Vetting

– Campaigns

– Voting

– Swearing in and Hand over


2nd February, 2024

Community work Day By Mr. Wamoto. E


5th February, 2024 – 9th February, 2024

Mid Term Examination by Mr. Munyope. J


15th February, 2024

Parents’ coffee Morning By Mr. Munyope. J


16th February, 2024 – 19th February, 2024

 Half term break


19th February, 2024

 Resume of school 


22nd February, 2024

 Market exploration day By Ms. Sylivia.K


1st March, 2024

Quiz Day By Ms. Caroline.N

6th March, 2024 – 9th March, 2024

Study tour By Mr. Munyope.J


18th March, 2024 – 22nd March, 2024

End of Term Examination By Mr. Munyope. J


28th March, 2024

Term closure