School Policies

School Policies

1.       The head teacher’s decision in any matter concerning admission and placement of a child in a particular class is final.

2.       School fees are due termly on or before the first day of term and late fees will be subject to late payment charges.

3.       The school reserves the right to increase the fees upon giving three month’s notice in writing.

4.       Three month’s notice in writing is required if a child is to be withdrawn from the school. Where such notice is received the caution money deposit, less the cost of lost or damaged school property will be refunded.

5.       All items of clothing and personal property should be clearly marked with the child’s name. The school accepts no responsibility for lost property.

6.       The school accepts no responsibility for children left on the school premises before 7:5am or after  4:15p.m.

7.       Parents are welcome to visit the school at any time, but should make an appointment if they wish to meet with a specific member of staff and they must always report to the reception on arrival.

8.       Any child needing to leave the premises during school hours must have written permission from a parent/guardian and must obtain a gate pass from the relevant staff member.

9.       Parents/guardians are expected to support the school administration as requested concerning all matters regarding the discipline of their child, but the school reserves the right to dismiss, suspend, expel or discipline a student. In cases of expulsion, fees paid for that term cannot be refunded.

10.   The school covers all students with personal accident insurance. The school’s liability regarding personal accident on the school grounds and on school trips does not extend beyond submitting claims on the student’s behalf. Parents may wish to take out additional personal accident cover for their child(ren).

11.   When wearing the V.I.S.U uniform in public places, even when out of school hours and not on a school authorized activity, students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is in accordance with the rules and regulations of V.I.S.U and that, at all times upholds the good reputation of V.I.S.U.


12.   Unless explicit written request to the contrary is received beforehand from the parents/guardians, your child may appear in photographs for VISU’s advertising purposes. However, your child’s name will not appear with any such photos or in advertising literature without the prior consent being sought from the parents/guardians.